ELI-ALPS in Szeged, Hungary

The Extreme Light Infrastructure – Attosecond Light Pulse Source (ELI-ALPS) is organising its third User Workshop on November 5 - 6 2015, in Szeged, Hungary. The workshop will be co-organised with the COST action “Advanced X-ray spatial and temporal metrology”.
The third users’ workshop focuses on possible research that can be conducted at ELI-ALPS in the areas of laser plasma, nanoscience/nanotechnology, X-ray optics and industrial and medical applications. The workshops mission is to brainstorm research ideas and technologies that could be optimally and/or uniquely hosted by ELI-ALPS.
Would you like to participate, please register at our website (http://www.eli-alps.hu/3rduserworkshop/index.php). Your travel from Debrecen to Szeged will be organised and covered by ELI-ALPS.