The conference will consist of 24 lectures given by invited speakers, 12 oral presentations by young  scientists as well as 2 poster sessions.                                                                                                                                   

Confirmed Speakers:

Confirmed young scientists:

  • Luca Argenti
  • Daniela Ascenzi
  • Thomas Baumert
  • Sandor Borbely
  • Piero Decleva
  • Morten Førre
  • Leticia Gonzalez
  • Jimena Gorfinkiel
  • Jan Petter Hansen
  • Ronnie Hoekstra
  • Thomas Weinacht
  • Nadja Doslic
  • Alexander Kuleff
  • Marta Labuda
  • Benjamin Lasorne
  • Franck Lepine
  • Eva Lindroth
  • Rebeca de Nalda
  • Alicia Palacios
  • Alejandro Saenz
  • Nikolay Shvetsov-Shilovskiy
  • Daniel Dundas
  • Matjaz Zitnik
  • Attila G.Császár
  • Sandra Gomez
  • Katrin Tanzer
  • Helena Levola
  • Michael Gatchell
  • Mark Stockett
  • Aleksander Simonsen
  • Morgane Vacher
  • Rudy Delaunay
  • András Csehi
  • Vera Krizova
  • Dmitrii Egorov
  • Thomas Kierspel

Further 7 young scientists will be chosen by the YSF committee to present their work based on their submitted abstracts.
The deadline for abstract submission for YSF asking for talks is 15thSeptember 2015.


Preliminary program:


Luca Argenti
(Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

Attosecond interferometric spectroscopy of resonant two-photon transitions

Daniela Ascenzi
(University of Trento)

Ion-molecule reactions of astrochemical interest

Thomas Baumert
(University of Kassel)

Control of bound electrons in molecules with tailored light fields and of free electrons with chiral potentials

Sándor Borbély
(Babeș-Bolyai University)

Ionization of atoms by few-cycle laser pulses.

Piero Decleva
(University of Trieste)

Interference and diffraction in molecular photoionization

Morten Førre
(University of  Bergen)

Nondipole ionization dynamics in atoms induced by intense XUV laser fields

Leticia Gonzalez
(University of Vienna)

Ultrafast intersystem crossing dynamics

Jimena Gorfinkiel
(The Open University)

 Electron initiated chemistry in biological molecules

Jan Petter Hansen
(University of  Bergen)

High Order Double-Slit Scattering in Ultrafast Interactions with Diatomic Molecules

Ronnie Hoekstra
(University of  Groningen)

Energetic processing of large molecules

Thomas Weinacht
(Stony Brook University)

Strong Field Molecular Ionization in the Impulsive Limit

Alexander Kuleff
(University of  Heidelberg)

Controlling ultrafast charge migration in molecules

Marta Labuda
(University of Gdansk)

Charge transfer and fragmentation processes induced by
ion-molecule collisions

Benjamin Lasorne
(University of Montpellier 2)

Monitoring coherences in neutral molecules on the
subfemtosecond timescale

Franck Lepine
(University of Lyon)

XUV induced attosecond and femtosecond dynamics in large molecules

Eva Lindroth
(Stockholm University)

Many-electron effects in attosecond physics

Rebeca de Nalda
(Institute of Physical Chemistry (CSIC))

Breaking bonds in the presence of intense laser fields

Alicia Palacios
(Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

Controlling attosecond molecular dynamics using xuv-ir and xuv-xuv pump-probe techniques

Alejandro Saenz
(Humboldt-University of Berlin)

Time-resolved imaging of nuclear motion and tunnelling with sub-femtosecond resolution using intense laser pulses

Nikolay Shvetsov-Shilovskiy
(Leibniz Universität Hannover)

Two-step semiclassical model with quantum interference and multielectron effects

Daniel Dundas
(Queen's University Belfast)

TDDFT simulations of harmonic generation in benzene 
and methyl oxirane

Matjaz Zitnik
(University of Ljubljana)

Nonlinear processes involving helium doubly excited states

Attila G.Császár
(Eötvös University, Budapest)

Molecules in motion

Nadja Doslic
(Ruđer Bošković Institute)

Scrutinizing the role of water in the  excited state 
relaxation of biomolecules


Young speakers


Sandra Gomez
(University of Madrid)

Two-dimensional spectroscopy of coupled nuclear and electronic motion

Katrin Tanzer
(University of Innsbruck)

Studying the Influence of Methylation on the Fragmentation Patterns of Nitroimidazoles

Helena Levola
(University of Turku)

Coincidence spectroscopy in site-dependent fragmentation studies of biomolecules

Michael Gatchell
(Stockholm University)

Fragmentation of Native and Hydrogenated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Mark Stockett
(Aarhus University)

Action Spectroscopy of Chlorophyll and Other Building Blocks of Photosynthesis

Aleksander Simonsen
(Department of Physics and Technology, University of Bergen)

Two-photon double ionization of helium 1,3S 1s2s

Morgane Vacher
(Imperial College London)

Electronic Control of Initial Nuclear Dynamics Adjacent to a Conical 

Rudy Delaunay
(Université de Caen - CIMAP)

Ion-induced chemistry in PAH and PANH clusters

András Csehi
(University of Debrecen)

Photodissociation of D2+ induced by linearly chirped pulses

Vera Krizova
(J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry of the ASCR,v.v.i.)

Ion-induced fragmentation and dissociation of small organic molecules

Dmitrii Egorov
(University of Groningen)

K-shell photoionization of protonated melittin –effects of helicity, 
protonation state and tertiary structure?

Thomas Kierspel
(Center for Free-Electron Laser Science, DESY and Universität Hamburg)

X-ray diffraction and photophysics of molecules in the gas phase